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In this article, we are going to talk about how you can save money while renewing your maid policy. Also, we are going to discuss how to hire a maid if you are new to this thing and tips before buying insurance.

How to hire a maid if you are new?

The only thing which you could have done is that gone to a maid agency. That is the correct choice as they will take care of everything for you. This means that all the paperwork will be done by them and also submitted. Not only will they do it themselves, but they will also teach you what and how to do it.

They are not as cheap as they take some money to find a suitable maid and a policy. They will make sure to give you a policy that covers all the different expenses that might occur. The services provided are not cheap, but they are worth the money. That is because they will complete the paperwork and then submit and do the after process themselves.

You can also ask them later to give you maid renewal insurance if you like the service of the maid. This can only happen after some time when the maid is working at your house. This can also happen when the policy is going to end and also the work contract of the maid at your house.

Maid insurance is a good thing to have, which will act as an extra security measure. This will keep the maid and also the employer safe from any kind of extra expense and loss. If your maid is good working and has settled well with your family, then some might consider hiring again. This is a good thing for the maid and the employer as the maid gets a job, and the employer trusts the maid.

How to make your maid work after the term?

If you like the service of the maid and you want her to continue, then it’s not such a big deal. You will just have to go to the place where you hired the maid and ask for a renewal application. Where you will have to fill in all the given details about yourself and the maid.

After which, when the process is complete, you will again have to take the maid insurance policy. This is because the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has set a few rules and regulations to follow. If someone is found not following the rules, then they might be fined and also put in jail. This is because the maids are the ones who do all the household work and might have an accident.

So if the person follows all the rules correctly, they can help them to pay the medical and also hospital bill. This is done in the interest of the maid, but it also benefits the employer itself. You can extend the contract for any amount of time which you like, either one year or two years. The maximum time for which you can extend or keep a maid is for two years.

If you want, then you can remove the maid if her service is not liked by you. Also, the maid can cancel her contract if he or she does not want to work at your home due to some reason.

What is the DIY way to save money and renew the insurance policy?

If you want, then you can go back to the maid agency and ask them to help you with the renewal. This is not the case as you can also do this process yourself and save the fees which you will pay the agency. This means that the agency fees will only increase your total cost of taking the policy.

The services offered by the agency are not cheap, so you have to be careful about your decisions. If you take the services of the agency, then you will have to pay them $200 – $300 for all the activities.

Here are the steps which you can follow to renew the maid work permit and policy yourself.

  •  Check the regulatory requirement

The laws and also the regulation will not change just a few times, so you do not have to look at MOM every day. If you want to check the different changes that have occurred in the policy. Then you can check in with the embassy of the country from where the maid has come from. This can help you to see out the different addition and changes.

If the maid from the Philippines, then you will have to take a $7000 bond in her name. If the maid is from Malaysia, then you have to take a $5000 security bond for her.

  •  Get maid insurance to cover new contract

One of the first things after the contract is to renew the insurance policy as well with the company. That is because when the maid is working in your home after the permit has ended, the policy will also end. You can take the E-protect maid insurance policy, which is safe and also the biggest insurance company in Singapore. They are a comprehensive policy, and they offer a different kind of coverage like MoneyIQ critical illness insurance.

  •  Apply for work permit renewal online

To do this, you will have to go on the MOM website and click on the work permit renewal option. This will directly take you to the page where you have to fill out the details. You have to give a copy of some documents, a security bond application photo, and details of the renewal. This means you have to tell them the period and the policy of the contract.

This means you will have to tell them about the things for which you have taken an insurance policy. The MOM will check the policy and look in its rules and regulation to see if everything matches out. After everything is done, they will send a message regarding the status of the renewal process.