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Quick Guide In Getting A Domestic Helper Insurance Singapore What Are The Benefits Of Small Business Loans

No individual has not gone through a financial crisis. No matter whether it is an employed, middle-class person or an entrepreneur, everyone has gone through this crisis at least once in their lives. One of the many ways to get help in this kind of situation is to lend money from a bank or a non-banking company or agency. But, most people negatively look at Loans, as they have an inconvenient procedure. Many of these banks do not tend to approve the loans swiftly. But this is not the case with CRAWFORTWe recommend your loan as fast as we can. This is the reason why we are known as the Private Money Lender in SingaporeHere is the procedure that quickly lands help get your money swiftly.

The essential part of applying for a loan is to specify the requirement for a loan and the exact amount needed. This helps you lend the exact amount. It is better if you research and study all the conditions of the bank on loans and the benefits before you apply.

Steps to apply for a loan are:-

  • Step 1 – Fill the spaces for your personal, employment, and financial details.
  • Step 2 – Submit the processing fee.
  • Step 3 – Select the exact amount of loan required. With this, you have to specify the tenor that you will need to repay.
  • Step 4 – Discuss with your bank.
  • Step 5 – Attach the required documents to the representative.
  • Step 6 – Wait for the approval of the loan.
  • Step 7 – The final Disbursal and Agreement.

Documents required for the procedure:-

Once you have filled up the application, you have submitted some papers with the app. We will need the below documents for –

  • 1 – To verify your authenticity.
  • 2 – To know your financial condition.
  • 3 – Lastly, to check if you are eligible for the loan and whether you will be able to pay back or not.

The documents you will need are –

  • Income proof. –

Tax files of the current three years.

Annual accounts

Bank Statements

Salary Slips

Form 16 or 16A

  • Address proof. –

Driving license

Voter Id


And Other Cards that has your address on it.

  • Age proof. –

ID Card

School or college transfer certificate


Voter Id

Driving license

  • Identity proof. –


Voter Id

Driving license

And other ID cards if available.

  • Employment details and papers. –

Address of the company

The business sector

Number of employees

Nature of the company

The turnover and profit of the company

Number of branches

Company’s customers

Company’s competitor

  • Educational proof. –

School certificate

College certificate

Diploma certificate

  • Bank Statements. –

The bank statement is asked to produce by us to check activities, average balance, bounced checks, periodic payments, and its consistency, your investments.

If you are applying for a home loan, you will be asked to produce the details of your property.

Once you have finished all the processes, you will have to wait for 1 or 2 days to get your documents checked and your loan sanctioned by the respective bank. The bank will verify the following facts about you –

  • Current residential address
  • The company where you are employed
  • Credentials of your employer
  • The contact number of your workplace
  • The contact number of your residence

A representative from our company will pay a visit to your residence to authenticate the information provided by you. We might even check other references to verify the facts. If you look back to a decade ago, there was no quick and straightforward procedure of loan. Everything had to be done in person. The applicant had to pay several visits to banks and waste innumerable hours. But things have now changed with Crawfort Website can now apply for a loan online. It is more hassle-free and less time-consuming. You can apply for a loan in just an hour. You just need to provide the necessary documents accurately. We can approve your loan in just some days. If you have an urgent need for money, you know who to turn to.

The Benefits that we provide you with –

Our agency is known as the Singapore Best Money Lender. We are here to offer you some of the best benefits and the best offers that you cannot even think of. We are probably one of the few agencies or banks in Singapore that can provide you with the most reasonable and affordable interest rates. All of our methods and processes are conducted online. You will be able to complete every step of the loan procedure online. From filling up your KYC to checking updates and clearing your queries through truthful information, everything is done online. You do not have to come to our office every time you have to repay your EMIs you can do that through our SAM or AXS machines. Yes, you have read the right. We are incredibly flexible with our clients. We are extremely reliable if you have any loan requirements of any sort. We are a trusted company that can provide you with one of the best interest rates and other benefits. We are a licensed company, and we have approved 200,000 loans since the day we began in 2011. You can rest assured of the fact that you will not be cheated or be a victim of any kind of fraudulent. At Crawfort, You do not have to worry about your security and confidentiality. Your safety is one of our primary concerns. Our state-of-the-art technology encrypts your servers. You can be assured of the fact that all your information is safe with us. The updates that we timely provide you are also kept secure with end-to-end encryption. You can come to us if you are not able to decide what kind of loan you want, we will help you to determine what loan you can take. We are here to provide you with the most secure procedure of Loan. Do not waste another minute and join our family today. Our employees are always ready to help you, and we are just a call away.