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Quick Guide In Getting A Domestic Helper Insurance Singapore What Are The Benefits Of Small Business Loans

There are many foreign domestic workers in Singapore. Every 1 to 5 percent of the homes in Singapore employs maids to complete their tasks. Therefore, it is very essential for them to opt for maid insurance.

Protect maid is the name of the maid insurance that not only gives financial coverage to your maid but also offers a lot of benefits when many unfortunate incidents are happening. It can benefit you in a lot of ways. Domestic helper insurance coverage also gives all vital benefits.

Need for a maid-insurance

A domestic helper is very important for some families to run the household. Without the helper, the dishes remain unwashed, the toilets stink and the kids also run with sharp tools. In the case of plans to get a maid then the inner for a maid-insurance is the most vital. It is also very important to know what kind of coverage it provides, what are the outpatient expenses, and what are the wage compensations.

Many of the people also do not have the idea of what is offered by maid insurance. The insurance is very important as it not only helps the maid but also the owner to avoid any sort of unpleasant circumstances. Here is the guide which will help you to know what benefits you will receive from a maid-insurance being the owner.


This is the most important point one must know- Hospitalisation. There is a number of domestic helpers who clean the employer’s windows or even the roof of the house. This is very common that a maid is falling sick or getting injured and sometimes they also land in the hospital. The protected maid insurance in Singapore helps to claim the medical bills and also looks after all the medical expenses of the helper.

Some of the owners do not like to send their domestic helpers to take help from the doctors unless the insurance provides them the facility of hospitalization. The hospital bills are extremely expensive therefore the owners hesitate to take the initiative without the insurance. The treatment when covered by insurance it enables employers to send their helpers for medical treatment whenever required. Employers and helpers get relief from the benefits of critical illness insurance.

Outpatient treatment

The maid insurance of Singapore also provides another facility for outpatient treatment. Sometimes looking after the home can be a hazardous task. Helpers might get bitten by the pets or scalded during cooking. The insurance offers coverage for treatments and also for outpatient surgery.

This actually means that if the helpers visit the hospital and are not admitted then also the medical bills are reimbursed by the company. The government of Singapore makes it a point that the outpatient expenses are also covered if the injury is caused because of an accident. One will also get many benefits of critical illness insurance.

Personal accident

The government of Singapore also makes sure that the maids get coverage for personal accident. It is compulsory and pegged at $60,000. In case the helper gets injured in an accident and is permanently disabled or leads to death. The coverage will help the employers to stay beside the helpers and also by the side of their family when it is required the most.


Sometimes the domestic helper dies and or becomes permanently disabled. In such a case, some of the insurance companies offer a separate payout as repatriation. This allows the employer to send the helper to his or her own home. The costs are pretty expensive and it is appropriate to send the deceased back home to his or her own family. It respects for a respectful and proper burial.

Wage compensation

This is a very interesting and attractive offer that a maid insurance policy pays to the owners. This policy is one of the most vital policies that is allowed by the government of Singapore. The insurance company will offer you a daily allowance in case the domestic helper of your house is unable to work or hospitalized.

This daily allowance will help you to appoint a new maid for the time being. This is a form of compensation that is offered to you by the insurance company.  This also gives benefit to the mad to recover herself or himself from the injuries while at the same time earn the daily wage.

Third-party liability

Insurance companies of Singapore also allow the maidservants to offer coverage of third-party liability. This lability can go to $5,000 for some basic plans. Domestic helper insurance coverage also includes this point.

Personal belongings of the maid

Some of the insurance companies in Singapore will also look after the personal belongings of your maid. Do not be surprised if your maid has laptops and smartphones. In case the belongings get damaged or stolen a claim can be compensated on behalf of the maid.


In case the employer is of the distrustful type, he or she can opt to look out for insurance that will help to protect the belongings of the family from theft that might be done by the helper.

Replacement maid

There might be some scenario in the residence that will force you to hire another helper. Some of the insurance companies also pay the agency fees that will help you to find another domestic helper for your family. But you must also make sure that the previous contract of the domestic helper is terminated because of some serious events.

The above-mentioned are the situations that can help owners get to benefit from the maid insurance. The protect maid initiative by the government of Singapore not only helped the owners but also the domestic helpers. The insurance companies look after the health of the helpers and also the family of the helpers.

The owners become hassle-free due to the insurance companies offering so much to them. Both the health of the helpers and also for the convenience of the employers the companies offer a good amount of money. The owners also get the benefits of hiring alternative helpers. The procedure to claim is also very simple and it takes very little time for the companies to pay the money directly to the employer or the helper.