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A few years ago many cases of frauds mostly concerning car insurance had been reported all over in the media. For instance, the number of cases that were reported by experts in the year 2017 doubled those that were reported in the year 2016. These frauds were found to have increased by the individual who faked an accident, liaising with friends to make claims using their insurance or collecting some benefits by pretending that you want a car repair or compensated for personal injury.

One fact that has been found is that many of these scams usually involve a lot of benefits which implies that the individuals who are concerned may feel helpless thus be pressured so that they comply to the requests that they are given.

Since it is the insurance company that will compensate you, one may initially think that he/she will lose fewer funds. In case you scam so that you can get a claim with your insurance plan, you will be affected in future by paying more premiums. To prevent you from being a victim of car insurance fraud, below are some guidelines to assist you.

Installing a dashboard camera

One of the rules that can be seen in a car insurance is that the party that made a mistake will be the one that will bear the cost of paying any important costs for medical treatments and repairs from the accident. The only problem with the car insurance fraud is that some people can cause an accident, later on, they accuse other people of causing the accident. After you have gone through the accident, you may be surprised when you find yourself being a victim of these scams as a result of peer pressure of confusion.

Sometimes you can try to take to take pictures while you are on the scene, but this evidence can be tempered more so when there are a lot of people in the scene. Besides if you find that everyone is accusing you causing the accident, it will not be easy defend yourself that you did not cause it if you don’t have visual evidence.

With the advancement in technology, you can get a cheap dashboard camera that you can install in your vehicle. Some companies such as BizLink Car Rental will hire experts to install dashboard cameras in the car. This will able to capture and record everything that may have happened there assist you and the company to save a large sum of money.

Report the accident immediately to the police

The first thing that you will have to do when you are involved in an accident is calling the police so that you can make a report. You can decide to keep quiet when the accident is a minor scratch that can cost less than $ 100 and you are willing and able to pay for the accident damages. When you call your car insurance company and the police, you will ensure that everything is reported fairly and you will be able to be protected from any pressure that can make you be a victim of the accident scam. Some companies can go ahead and deny the car rental services to any customers who never made a report after they were involved in an accident.

Although you can be the one that which caused the accident, it is not wrong to report the accident to the authority. Regardless of these, your car insurance premium has to increase, and you can protect yourself from stress as result of responses that are given by other people.

Some insurance companies do offer plans that enable you to get the best response teams for accidents so that they can look at all the processes that will follow after you are involved in an accident. You will find that when insurance company and the police arrive at the scene of the accident someone who may be trying to scam is likely to stop speculating you.

Depend on the approved company that is given by your insurance company

Even if you had to avoid the first guidelines above, it is good that you avoid using the towing service or repair service that is recommended by the individuals who are at the scene of the accident. Sometimes you will find some scammers who may want to lure to specific tow companies or workshops so that they can collect referral fees after you have gone.

It is therefore good that you contact your insurance company to assist you with towing services and they can advice you on the procedures that you can follow if you want to make a claim. But the accident is minor it is not necessary for you to call the insurance company for assistance even if you are the one who made a mistake or not.

If you rely on the workshop that is authorised by your insurance company you will be able to save your car insurance premium and also get genuine repair service. This company will not charge you a lot of money; sometimes they can offer you the service for free.

If you have been scammed

If you follow the above three tips, you will find that they are easy to follow and can prevent you from being a victim of car insurance fraud in the state of Singapore. If you that you have been scammed in the accident, you will not be hopeless at all.

The intelligence department in Singapore launched a hotline where if you are a victim of a scam you can call this number 1800-44-37283 so that you can report your case for it to be investigated. You will find that the insurance company will be motivated and happy when they are investigating the fraud cases as they have cost them a lot of money every year in paying fake claims.

If you find that you are paying higher insurance premiums as a result of you being speculated of being a victim, if they assist you in getting these scammers you will get many benefits. This can assist you to appeal to the insurance company or car rental company so that they can correct or pay you for this unfair situation.

After you the car rental company has lend you a car, it will be your responsibility to pay for any any damages that may arise. It is good that you enjoy the car rental services, instead of getting them and you start regretting because of the faults of other people. If you fall into an insurance scam do not shy away there is a way you can pull yourself out.

Should you need help with car insurance, do visit Car Insurance and make sure that you have your car insurance for safety.